Saturday, March 05, 2011

Its not what I want but what I Steed

     I haven’t written for a while, not that I haven’t been fishing but I have been building tools for my up and coming project; making my own fly rod.  I needed a break from all that heavy labor and dropped by Steed Pond to do some fishing.   

     It seems like wooly patterns are what’s called for this time of year.  I tied a mess of them the other day, close to 70 of them.  I tied them in brown, black and olive green.  Sometimes a mix of colors work but I like to minimize what I have to lug around, those flies can get heavy.

     I ended up landing six trout this afternoon with only an hour of fishing.  When I first got there a young boy, about 11 or 12, asked me what I use to catch fish from here.  He said his name was Xavier and he had never caught a trout on his fly rod before.  I assumed he got it for Christmas.  I gave him an olive green wooly leech with a gold bead head.  I watched him fish with it for a while but he was doing it wrong.  I showed him how to strip it in and he caught a beautiful 14” rainbow within five minutes.  Kewl.

     I haven’t fished much at Steed Pond but its pretty close to my house, but difficult to fly fish there because of all the trees and bushes.

     Here a picture of the woolies that I have been tying lately.


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