Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going fishing and checking the guides

     Well I got up this morning and decided to go fishing but first I checked the epoxy on the guides.  Bone dry!  I guess the ghetto mixer worked perfectly.  Check out this kewl looking fly rod.


    It was cloudy this morning and rainy but I’ve never been a fair weather anything, my Mom used to tell me that I didn’t have enough sense to come out of the rain.  She also used to tell me that I would catch my death of cold from getting wet in the rain.  Never understood that comment because how does the cold know if I am wet from rain, shower, or the swimming pool.  I could never understand how you could catch a cold from getting wet in the rain but not from swimming in a lake.  I guess those cold germs are pretty darn smart.

     I ended up catching 17 trout this morning while standing out in the rain catching my death of cold.  Nothing like killing yourself to catch some trout and it was awesome!  I was standing at the north end of Meadows Pond at the inlet.  You could see the albinos swimming around, they really stand out in the water but I couldn’t catch any of them.  I finally dropped a wooly bugger near them and slowly stripped it to the surface.  I had three albinos following it, when one of them hit the fly I was able to set the hook and land him.  Here is his portrait:


I ended up catching three of them and a whole mess of rainbow trout.

     This time of year is very special to me.  Its nice and cool down in the valley but the Rockies are still covered with snow.  Today there was no wind and it was cloudy but there was enough light that I could still see down in the water with my glasses to see the fish.  It rained every now and again but that just added to the atmosphere.  I love it right before it starts raining, you can smell the salty rain drops as they make their way down to the ground.  I think the falling drops disturbs the air because there is a slight movement in the air, you can see the ripples on the water and you know its going to rain.  When it first starts raining the trout will jump out of the lake and try to eat the splash the rain leaves on the surface of the lake, they probably think its bug hitting the water.  I am going to make sure I get as much fishing as I can in the next couple of weeks.


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