Friday, February 18, 2011

Rod Wrapper

    I finished my rod wrapper on Thursday evening and waited for the parts that were glued together to finish drying.  Its not bad, here’s the pic.


It cost me around $20 to make.  I can move the rod and thread holders around as I need to.  After wrapping a hook keeper on my existing rod and watching some videos of wrapping on Youtube I decided to add some more features.  I had trouble keeping my thread tight as I was wrapping the hook keeper so I think I need to add some eye hooks and springs to help with tension, I also want to add a thread guider.

     Here is a picture of the hook keeper that I wrapped on my rod.


This is a 4 weight 2 piece rod that I got with my first fly rod kit.  My first kit was one of those $50 specials that I got at the BX on Hill AFB.  I have already upgraded my reel but I am still using the same old rod.  I decided to try a two color wrap.  It took me about six tries before I got a wrap to hold but I was able to do both wraps in one pass.  Total time with all eight wraps was about 45 minutes.  After I finished the wraps I used some color sealer to protect the color of the thread.  Unfortunately, I used some 5 minute epoxy to seal the threads that I got from Wal mart.  Big mistake.  I don’t know if you can see it in the photo but the epoxy globbed up as I was putting it on the threads.  No biggie though, its only a $25 dollar rod and now I have a hook keeper on it so that I don’t damage my cork grip anymore.

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