Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Day Phenom


     I started out at Steed Pond and I caught one lousy trout the size of a sardine.  This guy walks up and tells me they just stocked Meadows Creek Pond with albino trout several days ago.  Off I went.

     WOW is all I can say, I caught close to 40 trout, one was an albino.  Meadows Pond was really high from all the runoff from the last snow storm.  The inlet into the lake was really flowing fast.  I normally hate to fish the inlet at the Pond when its running so high and fast but I saw it as an opportunity to practice my river fishing.

     Fishing in the Ogden and Weber Rivers is really different from fishing a pond or lake because the water is always moving.  In moving water I have been taught to put the fly twice the depth of the river beneath a strike indicator.  You then cast upstream and let the strike indicator drag the fly beneath it.  It worked great at Meadows Creek Pond, I even caught am albino trout, here’s a picture of him.


Kewl huh,

     That;s not all.  At Meadows Creek there is a small portion of the creek that is designated as no fishing and no trespassing so the bass can reproduce.  That area had a huge albino in it, here’s a video:

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