Friday, April 01, 2011

Lots of morning fishing

I have to admit to fishing for a couple hours every morning this week.  I was mostly at Meadows Creek Pond in Roy but I also did some fishing at Steed and Syracuse Ponds.

I noticed two days ago that the water in Roy Pond was incredibly clea, r.  In some areas you could actually down 10 feet to the bottom of the pond.  I know from experience that on sunny days with clear water you use dark patterns.  I’ve been using black wooly leeches every morning that the water is clear and I have been catching some 40 trout a day.  Part of that catch included some albino rainbow trout.  Most of the catch included some brook trout also.  You can really tell when you hook a brook trout because they fight much harder than rainbows.  Brook trout also strike differently, smaller rainbow trout have a very quick grab and spit strike technique, if you don’t set the hook quickly you don’t stand a chance.  Medium sized rainbows grab and pull the fly, I have landed more medium sized trout than anything probably because of trout demographics in the ponds and the way they strike my flies.  Large rainbow trout seem to grab the fly in their mouths and swimming off, the effect is a slow steady pull of my fly line.  Brook trout on the other hand seem to hit my flies sideways.  This morning I caught three brook trout; two were about 14 inches and one close to 21 inches and they both struck the fly the same way.  All three times I noticed my fly line moving either against the current or faster in the current.  I think the brookies are taking the fly in their mouths and either swimming directly up or downstream with the fly in their mouths.  I have caught probably 40 or so brown trout and they seem to pop the fly.  I seriously wonder if an angler could identify a species of trout by the way they strike the fly or fight when hooked.

Yesterday my two new fly rod blanks were delivered in the mail.  I got a grey 6 weight and a dark blue 8 weight.  My reel, reel seat, cork, and other things have been ordered and are on the way.  I think I am going to build my 8 weight first because I want to fish for muskie and bass with it.  I ‘ll let you know my progress.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to use wooly leeches again tomorrow for a couple of hours at Roy Pond.  Unfortunately, my wife is opening up the honey do jar and I don’t think there are any scraps of paper that say go fishing,