Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woolies in Steed Pond

I rolled out of bed at seven this morning.  I slept great and feel like a million bucks.  I got lots to do today but I think I can squeeze in some fishing this morning.

Since I had lots to do I decided to fish close and headed to Steed Pond off 1000 W in Clearfield.  The weather was fair but the fishing was great.

I started off with zebra patterns under a strike indicator, nothing.  Egg patterns under a strike indicator, nothing.  Wooly leeches under a strike indicator, nothing.  I took off the strike indicator and started stripping in a black leech, nothing.  Changed to a brown wooly bugger with a long strip, one trout.  I shortened my strip and caught another trout.  I switched to a green wooly leech with a brass bead head and used a slow long strip.  Bam, five trout in 10 minutes.  I ended up hanging a brown wooly bugger 18 inches below the green leech.  I caught and caught about 30 trout in all before I had to leave.

It never ceases to amaze me how different the rivers and ponds are around here.  What works at Steed Pond today won’t work at Syracuse Pond until next week and worked at Roy Pond last month.  The same goes for different sides of a pond.  A grey scud pattern will catch fish all day long on the North side of Steed Pond but won’t work on the East side of the pond.  A fly or tandem fly setup that works on one area of a pond or river might not work at all if you move five feet!

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