Thursday, March 17, 2011

Swimming with the brassies

     Here’s a good story for ya.  I was at one of the outlets at Syracuse Pond and there was a rainbow trout swimming around just feet off the shore.  The trout was probably waiting for insects to drift out of the inlet.  Several other fishermen in the area had tossed flies and jigs at it but he wasn’t biting.  On a whim I tied on a brassie with the intention of letting it drift out of the inlet to the trout.  I tossed the brassie out into the lake near the swimming trout thinking I would get the fly wet first before I dropped it in the inlet.  Just as I was pulling the brassie up out of the water the big rainbow saw the fly and lunged at it.  I was surprised and immediately tossed the behind him.  When that fish turned towards the fly I jerked it several inches.  That’s all it took, he jumped on it and I landed him with a #16 brassie.  Here’s his photo. 


    I was catching them all day long on wooly patterns but its kinda neat that I caught him on a brassie.  I tied up 6 #16 brassies but until today had caught nothing on them.

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