Friday, March 11, 2011


     I finally did something I’ve read about many times but have never done.  I was fishing with what some people call a tandem setup.  In a tandem setup you have two flies tied on the line.  In this case I had a green wooly leech tied about 18” above a brown wooly bugger.  I had been catching trout on both the flies.  Occasionally, when you are fighting one trout another trout will see the dangling fly and strike it.  My guess is the first trout sets the hook on the second trout and you end up with two trout on one line.  I was fighting the first fish when all of a sudden the fish got really heavy, I had no idea that I had hooked a second fish.  That was a blast.

     I’ve been fishing with those wooly patterns that I made recently, the patterns have been fishing great.  I’ve noticed that each pond requires you to strip the woolies in differently to catch fish.  At Steed Pond you really have to pull that fly in fast, at Meadows it takes a moderately fast strip and on Syracuse the fish want a very, very slow retrieve.

     My fly rod blank was supposed to be here on Monday but it still hasn’t showed up yet, its killing me.

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