Monday, November 22, 2010

Waving hello

     Even though it was freezing this morning I decided I wanted to do some fishing.  It was cold, not just cold but bone chilling cold.  There’s something about 15 mph wind coming off a body of water that seems colder.  I’ve never been a fair weather anything so I went fishing.

     Last night I picked up a Pistol Pete and tied a couple.  People in that last couple of days have been using them successfully.  I did some research and found out the Pistol Pete is both a stillwater and stream pattern.  I tied a few and added them to my fly box.  The bad news is that they are very heavy, even though there was a stiff wind I was able to cast into it with the Pete.  Before I used the Pete though I decided to try the sexy chironomid.

     I noticed the waves on the lake were about six inches high.  Since I use a strike indicator above my fly I figured that the waves would move the chironomid up and down and make it appear more lifelike.  I wasn’t wrong on the waves, I was getting strikes left and right and even managed to land some 14 and 15 inch trout.

     Back to the Pistol Pete.  Good news is that it works great, I had tons of strikes on it.  More bad news is that you have to strip the Pete in and I am not very good at setting the hook when I strip in a fly.

     I also tried to use a new fly I call the Leechasaurus.  Basically it just a very big leech pattern that uses squirrel zonker strips.  I tied it this morning before I left.  I wanted the fly to sink but it didn’t, I need to add lots more weight to it.  I will try again tomorrow.

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