Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I gotta get a bigger net!

     WOW, what a day!   This was one of those fishing days where you could relive it all over again.  Yesterday I saw the DNR stock Meadows Creek Pond with tons of huge trout; brookies and rainbows were in the mix.  If you look at the previous post there is a video showing how the fish are stocked. 

    The same evening I decided I wanted to catch one of these huge trout and did some research on the Internet.  What I found is that if you want to catch some huge trout you have to use some huge flies.  I tied a size 10 sexy chironomid which is much bigger than what I normally tie.

     As soon as I got to Meadows Creek Pond I tied on the huge chironomid.  While I was tying it on my tippet John caught a fairly large brute rainbow.  It was probably about 15 inches long, a nice one. Here’s a picture of it.  You can click on it to get a better look.

John with Rainbow Trout 1

I cast my chironomid into the lake and started getting hits but couldn’t seem to set the hook.  I finally had a strike but it wasn’t like the strikes I normally get.  A normal strike causes the strike indicator to sharply drop under the water and then just as quickly surfaces.  One this hit, my strike indicator just slowly sank out of sight, it was kind of like my fly got stuck on a submerged log in a fast current.  I set the hook and felt a fish squirming.  I pulled the trout in and got almost no resistance at all, it was like I was pulling in a mass of algae or something.  When the fish surfaced we could see it was one of the huge trout that was stocked the previous day.  When the fish got his head above water and he saw me standing on the shore he really started fighting, and fighting hard!  John unhooked the net off of my belt and tried to scoop up the fighting trout.  The net, being made for trout 20 inches or less, was way too small.  After several tries John finally got the rainbow into the net and on shore.  Without John I would never have landed that trout, thanks John you are the man!  Here’s the hero photo, big huh?

Brute Trout 1

     What’s cool is that on my next cast I hooked another big one, even bigger than the first.   There was another guy that I meet at the lake occasionally named Mike.  Mike looked over at the fish I was fighting and said, “Another one?”  Unfortunately this fish got off my hook and I never saw him again.

     Wouldn’t you know it, I cast that big fly out in the exact same place where I hooked the first two brutes and had another slow strike.  I set the hook and, with John’s help again, landed yet a second monster, even bigger than the first.  Here he is, screaming at me to let him back in the lake.

Brute Trout 2-edit

     He was a pretty feisty fish.  It was fun fighting him in, just to let you know John and I released all of those fish back into the lake.

     Here’s what was extremely cool, I hooked a fourth fish.  I got him to the bank several times but John couldn’t net him.   He broke my line and took my only huge sexy chironomid with him.  Later that day John and I dropped by my house and I tied six more chironomids but I didn’t catch any huge ones but I did land tons of 12, 13, 14 and 15 inch trout.

     Its true, when you want to catch some huge trout, you got to use some huge flies. 

     Here is a couple more pictures.

Brute Trout FightingBrute Trout on Bank

     As you can see from the last picture, I need a bigger net.

    See you on the bank.

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