Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting in some catching

     I dropped by Meadows Creek Pond with my wife yesterday afternoon and there was not a block of ice out there.  I figured that if Meadows Creek  was thawing then so was everything else.  I called John and we decided to drop by Syracuse Pond on tomorrow afternoon.

     Syracuse was about 3/4 frozen but there was a nice area near the east shore that was clear of ice.  I caught a 20 inch rainbow that was absolutely beautiful.  I had another guy on the shore use my camera to take a picture but I couldn’t find the pic on my camera, no problem there will be more fish to photograph.  I ended up catching about 20 rainbows and then we went off to Meadows Creek.

     At first I was using a rust brown wooly leech and I did pretty good at Syracuse but not so good at Meadows Creek.  We moved to the north side of the lake and that rust leech started to produce, it was great.  I tied on a purple leechasaurus and did even better, fish seemed to like the purple color.

     John ended up catching two big rainbow brutes and I caught one.  It was a very cold but I dressed for the weather so I was comfortable the whole time.  Dressing for this cold weather can make or break a trip.

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