Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

     It was Thanksgiving and my wife was in the kitchen belting out food for all the guests that she invited over.  My wife is a “stay out of my kitchen” kinda woman so I went fishing, actually I went catching.

    Meadows Creek Pond was locked up tighter than a prison.  I guess when there is a little ice on the pond someone freaks out and locks it up.  I went to Jensen’s Pond in Syracuse.  Catching was good.

     When I got to Jensen’s about 3/4 of the lake was frozen over but I found a spot that pretty clear of ducks and seagulls and big enough to cast into.  When I looked at the water I could see some 20 trout swimming around, some were pretty good sized.

     A tried a black zebra midge, got a couple of strikes but didn’t land anything.  Same with a black marabou.  I tied on a #8 Pistol Pete and started getting strikes but like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not very skilled at setting the hook when I have to strip in a fly.  I could see and feel the trout striking the Pere but I couldn’t set the hook, I considered it good practice.

     Another fly fisher came over and we started talking, I paused while I we were discussing the trout swimming when I noticed my strike indicator moving.  I set the hook and ended up with one of the brood stock trout, pretty good sized but he got off the hook as I was bringing him in to the shore.  What’s cool is that it happened again.  Two big trout!

    It was a nice day, cold, but I dressed for it.  I went home and spent a nice Thanksgiving with my wife and a close friend.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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