Monday, November 29, 2010

Headaches and Fishing

     I woke up this morning with a pretty bad headache, bad enough that when I looked outside it made my eyes and teeth hurt.  I took some Ibuprofen and suffered a bit.  John called and we decided to go fishing.  I was hoping that some fresh air and activity would help and it did a little.  When you have headaches that bad every little bit helps.

     Anyway we started off the day at Syracuse Pond but a but of High Schoolers pulled up.  Some of the the kids were wearing waders and had nets.  They waded out and started churning up the water, some other kid was screaming, “Ducks, ducks, ducks,” and others were yelling something about pop tarts.  We weren’t the only anglers leaving the pond.  I believe in higher education but how about teaching some respect?

     We ended up going to Meadows Creek, it was not a mistake, tons of fish.  On of the things I had problems with was ice building up in the guides of my rod, I took a picture of it.


That ice impedes casting and setting the hook and it builds up pretty fast, especially in 10 degree temperatures.  I kept having to dip the tip of my rod in the lake to thaw it out.

I caught tons of 14 and 15 inch rainbow trout and two big ones.

Lake Trout

This lake trout is about 17” and fought the hardest of any trout I have ever caught.  I named him Waldo and put him back in the Creek.

Brute Trout 3

Here’s a nice rainbow about 20”.  Funny thing about those huge rainbows, they don’t fight much until they see you then they fight hard but get tired pretty quickly. 

     I caught both of those big trout on a leechasaurus pattern.  John ended up with two huge lake trout and a 23” rainbow. 

Here’s something cool.  Not only do I like to fish but I also geocache quite a bit.  I decided to combine my hobbies and created a puzzle geocache that also shows how to tie different flies.  The first video is pretty freaking boring but at least I got it done.  When and if the cache is published I will put the link here, Here’s the video…

Tying and Fishing the Zebra Midge

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