Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lots of fishing and a new fly

     I have been fishing a couple of hours a day, its pretty good exercise because I like to walk around the lake as I fish just to see what’s biting.  I have almost been using size 10 sexy chironomids exclusively, and catching some really big fish.  Most of the trout are in the 12 inch range with only one or two less than 10 inches. 

     I’ve seen some really big trout pulled out of Meadows Creek and, unfortunately, some poaching.  The limit is two fish per person, two days ago two adults and a young boy got caught with 13 of them, what a waste.

     On the 16th I saw the DNR stock lots of lake trout.  I wanted to catch a lake trout on the fly so I tied a spoon fly.  It works great.  I am getting tons of strikes with it but I haven’t set the hook on a single fish yet.  I still need more practice with stripping and setting the hook.

     Here’s something fun that happened to me this morning.  I saw a 15 inch brook trout just floating near the surface less than a foot from the shore.  I could have just netted him.  I took my fly and dangled it in front of his mouth and he bit it.  After I set the hook I lifted him onto the bank and let him go.  There wasn’t much of a fight but I guess he thought that if a piece of food drifted by he was going to eat it. Plate

     The wind was really blowing today as a cold front moved in.  Storm cloud  But I still managed to land and release 10 good sized trout.


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