Sunday, September 12, 2010

Roy Pond

Yesterday I went to Jensen's pond in Syracuse. There is a walking path around the pond so I didn't want to backcast. When I tried to roll cast it just wouldn't happen. I could get my line out to about 20 feet but my leader would just roll up and and in a ball. It's really frustrating because I was able to backcast out to 60 feet the other day without any problem. At this point I am larger inconsistent with my fly fishing. I went to Angler's Den in Roy and had the guy show me how to roll cast.
In the evening I went to Roy Pond to practice roll casting. My wife was there and helped out allot. I was finally able to roll cast consistenly. There was a another guy fishing down from me using tackle. He caught four trout while I he was talking to another guy. I didn't catch anything but I did get two good strikes. As I was leaving I asked the kid who was standing next to the successful fisherman if he knew what the other guy was using. Turns out the guy was using a very white rubber fish that looked allot like a marabou. When I got home I tied four white marabous and a white scud.

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