Monday, September 06, 2010

The reason for this blog

I recently started fly fishing and had what I consider my very first successful fly fishing trip. I have been struggling to fish the various rivers in Northern Utah with extremely small success. Today, 06Sep10, Tom Williams and I went to a small lake next to Causey Resevoir. The small lake has no name but sits on a Boy Scout camp called Camp Kiesel. I caught two brown trout, 14" and 12" respectively on a black wooly bugger with a brass bead head. After I got home and did some Internet searching I found out that lake fly fishing is very different from fly fishing for trout in a stream or river.
I need a place to log my successses and failures with fishing in both stillwater and moving water. I originally intended to log in a notebook but realized that Internet blogging was easier to keep up with and search when I need too. Anyway, here we go...

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