Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kaysville Ponds


     We finally made it out here.  I was at the truck still putting my fly rod together when Copper John called out.  He had hooked one of the brood stock they have been placing around the area.  I have to admit that I was surprised because the stocking reports by the UWR doesn’t show any brute stocking recently.  The trout was really colorful.  I caught two trout myself not any brutes but still some nice trout, at least I wasn’t skunked there. 

     Kaysville ponds is a collection of three ponds lined up North to south.  John and I fished the first and second ponds from the North.  I only had one hit on my wooly leech in the first pond and I landed him.  At the second pond I had some really big hits but I was more interested in watching the geese than I was fishing I guess.  I need to concentrate more, I wasn’t there to watch geese I was there to fish.  The edges of the ponds are really muddy.

    John was using a brown #6 pistol pete, with medium silver wire ribbing.  I was using a #14 green wooly leech with a silver bead head.

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