Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh, Just Fishing Around

     Today, I picked up Copper John and we hit the Odgen River.  I wore my new waders and wading boots.  Man, do waders rock.  I was able to get right down onto the trout in the river, too bad I didn’t catch any.  There is still plenty of brute planters on the Odgen but they didn’t want anything I tossed at them.  One cool note, I did get to see a ghost.  As Copper John and I were leaving we were showing another guy where the fish were when a big white flash streaked by in the water.  Everyone was saying it had to be an albino trout but I thought it might be a whitefish.  John said it was too yellow to be a whitefish.  I tried for about 15 minutes to catch it but got no bites.

     We left the Odgen and drove to Meadows Creek Pond.  I caught a ton of little rainbow trout on a brown pistol pete with gold beads and propeller.  John was getting lots of hits but caught nothing.  I asked him if he wanted to go to the pond in Syracuse.

     At Syracuse I caught a huge brown trout on that pistol pete without a strike indicator.  John put on a pistol pete with silver beads and propeller and started reeling them in, about 8 brutes in all, ranging from 16 to 24 inches.  He needed it to because he’s been stressed out.  Smile 

     I have been thinking about building my own rod for some time now.  I have done some research and think that I will build an entry level rod.  I plan on logging my progress.  I will also build my own tools to make the rod.  Angler’s Den here in Roy have everything to build the rod except for the blank.  I think I will buy a cheap one off eBay, it probably will be better than the one I have now.

     My wife is going to spend some time with a friend of hers for a couple of hours tomorrow.  John told me to tie some red egg patterns for the trip but won’t tell me where we are going.  He called it, “his secret spot.”  It sounds really cold.

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