Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stocked, yet again?

     I had to go with my wife this morning to Salt Lake City.  Several days ago she got a rock chip in the windshield of her truck.  The company that replaced the windshield back in September offers free rock chip repair but they closed their Riverdale office.  Off to Salt Lake City we went, while she was attending her meeting I went to Diamond Glass and got the repair.  One the way to SLC I got another call from Copper John.

    Guess what?  Meadows Creek Pond is being stocked again.  Wow, two days in a row with Rainbow and Brook brood stock.  I got home about 1pm and drove over to the pond.

    I ended up catching a ton of little ones and two brood stock, both Brookies.  The first brute was pretty big and gave a good fight but the second trout was huge.  This is the first time I had to use my drag to tire out a trout to get him in.  He was about 19” long with a firey orange-red belly.  I wish I had my camera with me but I forgot it because I am working on a new video at home.  Oh well, there will be more trout.  I caught both of them on purple wooly leeches.

     Tomorrow we home to hit the lower Odgen River.

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