Monday, January 24, 2011

Preparing for Odgen River and a little Mysty trouble

     On Saturday night I got a book for the library that mentioned that fishing East of Wall Street on the Odgen River has some big brown trout in it.  The book suggested wooly buggers, crayfish, and muddlers. 

     Using a larger pattern on top of a smaller pattern worked so well that I decided to use it again.  I tied some big pistol petes and some smaller wooly leeches to hang beneath them.  I tied a crayfish but it doesn’t look so hot, I think I need some practice tying them.

     I wanted to practice tying some crayfish patterns but I got into some trouble with Mysty.  Mysty is one of the kittens that I trapped (rescued) from Glassmans Pond in Odgen.  On Saturday afternoon I noticed that Mysty has crawled in his cage and went to sleep.  Very unusual, Mysty usually cries to be let out of his cage.  Sunday all he wanted to do was sleep, he wouldn’t purr or eat.  This morning he ate a little and purr some so I thought he was getting better.  I noticed that he had bad breath and at one point I had trouble getting him to wake up so I took him to the vet.

     It turned out that Mysty’s blood work showed an infection somewhere in his little body.  He got a shot of antibiotics that will last him two weeks and he has to spend the night with the vet to make sure he eats and drinks.  Over the past couple of weeks Mysty has decided that I am his human.  He gets jealous when another cat is in my lap, he follows me around.  Mysty is quite the little lovable kitten, I hope he pulls through OK.  That kind of ended my fly tying for today because I keep thinking about the little guy.  The vet thinks that he will recover just fine and I am supposed to pick him up tomorrow sometime after 10am.  If he is doing better I will put him in his cage to sleep and hit the Odgen River in the afternoon,

     Here is a picture of Mysty sitting on my lap.


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