Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ogden River

     Today I called John and we went to the Odgen River for a couple of hours.  I had read a fishing report for the Odgen and Weber Rivers that #18 brassies and scuds were what was catching fish.

     On Google maps I noticed a screen that is used to keep stocked trout from getting into the 21st Street Pond; I reasoned that there might be some trout up against the screen so that’s where we went.

     On the way up the trail we found a still water break with a huge trout in it, the biggest I have ever seen.  I could see him swimming around and I was able to put my flies right in front of his face.  He nosed past my brassies, scuds, and eggs.  I am pretty good with wooly leeches so I tied one on my line.  About five times he moved towards my leech by at the last second he would turn away.  I finally had a good profile on him.  He was swimming about 10 feet away from me crossing left to right.  I had tossed the fly over towards him and stripped the fly in until it was above him.  I let it sink down to about three inches off to the left of his face.  I jerked the leech just once and he pounced on it. 

     Here’s a nice picture of him.  Keep in mind that my reel is about three inches across.  Using the reel I measured him at 26 inches long, my biggest  trout to date.  This is a hatchery fish. You can tell because Utah keeps the fish in concrete ponds until ready to release. I've been told that the concrete walls of the tank wears down the fins of the fish. Had this been a wild fish it probably would have been 28 inches or more longer. If you look closely at his upper lip you can see the wooly leech. Unfortunately, this was the only fish we caught after three hours of fishing.


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