Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meadows Creek Pond Stocked

     I got a call from Copper John this morning, it seems like Meadows Creek Pond is being stocked again, with brood stock.  I couldn’t go when he called but did get to go in the afternoon.

     One thing that was different with this stocking was some really big fish were hanging out right next to the shoreline.  I found that if I dropped an orange scud right in front of them and dangled it for a couple of seconds they would strike it.  It was pretty interesting because I got to see how trout feed.  The would either sip it, inhale it, or lunge at it and grab it.  The trout that sipped the fly didn’t fight at all.  I ended up catching two brutes off the shore and a host of smaller fish.

     Here’s a video I made during in November of the DWR stocking the pond.

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