Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glassman’s Pond

     Not a bad place, I think I finally got the pond figured out. 

     There were four kittens dumped out at the pond so over the last week I have been trying to catch them.  I finally got a hold of a place that deals with cat rescue and they gave me food, a shelter, and medicine for the kittens.  Last Saturday I saw the ears of one of the kittens in the box.  So I quietly walked up behind the shelter and slapped a piece of wood over the doorway.  I caught three of them.  One of them, the black one, is sitting in a small cage next to me now, we haven’t decided what to call her yet but we have narrowed it down to Shadow or Domino.  Her name will probably be Domino because she has a white spot on her chest.  The other two cats, the grey tiger stripe and white one and the grey tiger stripe one just lay down together and refuse to acknowledge us.  Here are their portraits.


Here is Shadow before we caught her (my wife just informed me she is Shadow NOT Domino).  She is about 4 1/2 months old and very lovable.


This Misty, the wild one of the bunch, she is in my downstairs bedroom right now cuddled up against Buddy the grey tiger stripe.


This is Smokey, one of the smartest cats I have ever seen.  I put a trap out today to catch him.  I found him sitting on top of the trap.  Several people fishing in Glassman’s Pond have told me they heard him crying, he probably misses the other kittens.  I hope to catch him tomorrow with some pork chop in the trap.


Here Buddy is hiding from me under a blanket.  All the other kittens are adopted out, as soon as I tame them, except for poor Buddy.  It’s a shame because he is so cute and his markings are awesome.  At this point Buddy will let me talk to him and even rub him sometimes but that’s it.

    Since I have been trying to catch Smokey I have been fishing quite a bit at Glassman’s.  Early on this afternoon I got some strikes on a brown wooly leech so I kept using it.  I went to one of the docks they have setup for fishing and had a trout follow my fly as I was stripping it in.  It was a 10” rainbow trout and you could tell that it was looking for my fly, it would jerk its head around and was swimming in circles.  I dropped my fly back in the water behind the trout, he jumped on it and I set the hook.  There was a guy walking on the path behind me and he came up to look at the trout.  The fish was a mess, color missing from it, its seen better days.  I guess living in Glassman’s can be rough.

     Turned out that guy had fished Glassman’s in his youth and showed me something cool.  Near the North entrance to the pond is a small inlet, a pipe about 3 inches in diameter.  Some fifteen feet from the opening of the pipe was several trout feeding on something flowing out of the pipe.  I would drop my fly by them and work the fly until they struck the fly.  I would set the hook and land it.  Sight fishing for trout is awesome.  I ended up catching six trout from sight fishing.

     And no I didn’t catch Smokey, at least not yet.  I am going to try again tomorrow.

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