Friday, December 17, 2010

Few fish and a new pet

Today went fishing for about 4 hours I caught about seven trout, one of them was a brute, it was a rainbow trout about 20 inches long.  Fishing was very slow, it seemed the only things they were biting on was things that were orange.  Syracuse pond was fairly quiet but there was a small breeze it made it difficult to cast.

Utah DWR was there and for the second time in my life I had to show my fishing license, I saw one guy get a ticket, he was either poaching or didn't have his license.  It's funny because I've never been asked for my fishing license except for here in Utah.  It's nice to know that Utah takes their wildlife resources seriously.  I have seen the DWR write several tickets since I have been fishing here in Utah.  Most of the tickets that I have seen written have been for poaching fish.  I saw two guys have over 13 fish in their possession, at the pond they were fishing at the limit is two fish each.  They were nine fish over their limit, the only reason they stopped fishing was because they saw the DWR officer at the pond.  The funny thing was several of us had seen them poaching and someone had called the DWR poaching hotline.  Good for them!

Just in case you're curious about the four kittens that I caught a Glassman Pond, three of them are downstairs in my bedroom.  The little black kitten, my wife and I call her Shadow, is sitting beside me as I dictate this to Microsoft Writer.

Windows 7 has a really nice voice recognition feature built into it.  So far I have not had a touch my keyboard and I'm able to dictate this directly to my computer just by talking to it.  Which is kind of nice because it leaves both hands free for me to take care of Shadow.  Since we have tamed Shadow she is quite a rambunctious little kitten.  Right now she's purring very loudly and nibbling my fingers, I really have to watch those little claws.

Misty, Buddy, and Smokey are downstairs hiding.  Misty is still very afraid of me and hides when I walk in the room.  Smokey is a brave little kitten and leers at me from underneath the blanket.  Buddy is a different story, even though he is nervous of me he still lets me pet him and even pick him up.  When he does let me pick him up he goes limp and just lays in my arms.  So far he has not purred while I pet him.  I hope to find homes for all of them soon.

I had been looking at Holmes Creek Reservoir, I know that it is stocked by DWR but I don't think it's fished very much.  Holmes Creek not only has trout but it also has perch, walleye, bass, and bream.  I think I will try to go there soon and use wooly patterns.

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