Thursday, December 02, 2010

Another Lake Trout

     More fishing at Meadows Creek Pond.  We started out on the Weber River.  The river has really dropped from the last time I was there, its more like a stream, shallow and not very wide across.  We saw no trout so we went to our old standby.

     I did manage to catch a fairly decent Lake Trout.  The trout was really fighting in my net and had a damaged gill so I took a picture of it thrashing in my net.  She finally stopped moving around long enough for me to take the hook out of her mouth and let her go.  She was a beauty about 19” or so, but it was hard to tell because of her fighting.


   I am starting to work on another YouTube video that I will use as a geocache.  I found a really neat and easy way to tie the dreaded egg pattern.  It’s not a hard fly to tie but difficult to master.  I saw a neat way to tie the egg patterns quickly with no waste.  I was able to tie over 70 different egg patterns in 90 minutes with the tool!

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