Thursday, October 07, 2010

More lessons learned today

You might be wondering why I fish so much at Meadows Creek Pond. Two reasons: nothing enhances desire like success and its good practice. Today I caught 11 fish one was at least 20 inches. A new record for fishing there.
Here's what I learned:
1) If you use a dry fly as an indicator and miss a strike you must cast your line again to get your dry fly above water. You don't have to recast if you use a thingamabobber. Sometimes I use the smallest thingamabobber I can.
2) I need to learn stripping techniques. Several times today I was reeling in my line to move to another area and ended up catching a trout. When I tried to hand strip I caught nothing. When I tried to replicate the movements of reeling in my fly with hand stripping I got some strikes. I really need to practice on setting the hook on hand stripping.
3) When you set the hook on a trout you need to keep the pressure on the fish. 8 times today my fly fell out of the fishes mouth while he was in my net, made getting the hook out easier but it sure shows that if I didn't keep the pressure on the fish he would have gotten off.
4) Trout are where I expect them to be and where I don't expect them to be. I found an area where I didn't think any trout would be. I gently lowered a wooly leech into the water. At least five trout rose up to strike at the leech, it looked like a school of piranhas.
5) Show a sense of urgency when I fish, i.e., get ready to set the hook no matter what. When I had those five trout attacking my fly if I had been prepared I would have hooked one.
All in all a fun couple of hours today.

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