Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lessons learned

I went fishing at Meadows Creek Pond again, 10 fish, one was a 3 foot rainbow, he was huge. I caught fish on dry flies and wet flies. Chironmids, scuds, elk hair caddis, and royal coachman. I had a very fun time. here is what I learned today.
1. Nothing can beat using a dry fly as an indicator, nothing. I have been using thingamabobbers and I have suspected that I have been missing some very light strikes. I have seen trout strike my wet fly and the bobber not even move, I saw it today several times. The wet fly as an indicator is extremely sensitive and even caught a very little chub. I don't think I will be using a thingamabobber again.
2. Its fun to experiment. I ran out of wooly leeches and just started using whatever I had in my fly box and started caught some trout on them too.
3. I loose allot of flies by experimenting.
4. Fish everywhere. Just because I don't think trout are there doesn't mean the trout aren't there.


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